North America’s First LNG Bunkering Barge Hits New Milestone

Credits: Fredrick Filix/Unsplash

According to US shipping company, Tote Maritime North America’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunker barge, Clean Jacksonville, has completed its 300th operation since 2018, says an article published on LNG Prime.

Social media post

Tote Maritime said in a social media post that the barge completed the fueling of one of its two LNG-powered containerships on Tuesday, marking the 300th operation since its launch.

The firm did not provide any additional information regarding the bunkering operation.

Built by Conrad, the LNG bunkering barge has no propulsion and it features one 2,200-cbm GTT LNG tank.

Operates the barge

Tote Group’s unit Tote Services operates the barge which supplies liquefied natural gas to Tote’s Marlin class LNG-powered vessels and other ships in Jacksonville, Florida.

Transport goods

Tote Maritime Puerto Rico uses two LNG-fueled container vessels, namely Isla Bella and Perla del Caribe, to transport goods between Jacksonville and Puerto Rico.

The barge loads the fuel at Jax LNG, a production facility in Jacksonville owned by NorthStar and Pivotal LNG.

Ability to serve

This is also the case with Polaris New Energy’s new LNG bunkering barge, Clean Canaveral, which has a capacity of 5,400 cbm and completed its first operation in Jacksonville earlier this year.

Jax LNG previously said it is the only supplier in North America with access to two Jones Act LNG bunkering barges, Clean Canaveral and Clean Jacksonville, giving it the ability to serve a wide variety of customers.

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Source: LNG Prime


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