North Asian Ports Gear Up For Typhoons



Typhoon Chan-hom is forecast to head towards Shanghai’s Zhoushan port in South Korea as well as Japan’s Okinawa prefecture in the coming days.  Traders fear that the strong winds will disrupt port bunkering activities.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has forecast the approach of Typhoon Nangka toward Honshu Island from the Pacific ocean which is likely to cause widespread delays and disruptions to bunkering activities at the main ports.

High tides and strong winds are precursors of an approaching Typhoon and as a  precaution to curtail the loss Japanese refiner JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp. have suspended their loading activities at the Negishi refinery, Yokohama.  

Typhoon Linfa wreaked havoc as it made a landfall in China’s eastern Guangdong province, thus leading to the suspension of all bunkering operations on Thursday.  The Hong Kong weather observatory is likely to declare Typhoon Linfa as a tropical cyclone going by the strength of the winds.  The observatory spokesperson is quoted to have said “As Linfa moves closer, local weather will deteriorate quickly near dusk and winds will strengthen significantly”.