Norway Releases Hydrogen Ferry Plans


  • Norway has announced plans introduce hydrogen powered ferries.
  • It is a project that will see both new build vessels introduced and the conversion of existing LNG-powered tonnage to run on biofuel.

A recent news article published in the Ship and Bunker news states that Norway Announces Hydrogen Ferry Plans, Move Away from LNG Bunkers.

Signing of the contract

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration and operator Torghatten Nord AS marked the signing of the contract, reported to be worth NOK 4.9 billion ($550 million), with a ceremony on January 25.

“The fact that future ferries between Bodø and Lofoten are to run 100 percent on hydrogen is a new milestone when it comes to climate”, Transport Minister Jon-Ivar Nygård said in a press statement.

On such connections, batteries will simply not do the job

Norwegian Ship Design

Torghatten Nord has contracted Norwegian Ship Design to design the new vessels, planned to be 120 m long and with capacity to carry 120 cars and 599 passengers. Once realized the new service is said to offer a significant lift on the route’s current carrying capacity.

The new vessel’s fuel consumption will be 5 to 6 tonnes of hydrogen per day, and the contract stipulates that only “green” hydrogen is to be used, Norwegian Ship Design notes.

While electric ferries are becoming more commonplace, the technology is not currently viable on longer voyages such as that between Bodø and Lofoten.

New hydrogen-powered ferry service

“On such connections, batteries will simply not do the job. Therefore, hydrogen is an excellent alternative,” Nygård said in comments reported by local media outlet High North News.

The deal will see Torghatten Nord build two new hydrogen powered vessels as well as retrofit two existing LNG-powered vessels to operate on biofuels.

The new hydrogen-powered ferry service is set to commence on October 1, 2025.

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Source: Ship and Bunker