“Not to Forge Covid-19 Vaccine Cards” Officials Urge


Covid-19 vaccination record cards can easily be forged, and US law enforcers are keenly aware, says an article on CNN.

Warning against fake cards

For weeks, the FBI has warned the public against making, selling, or encouraging printouts of fake versions of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s white record card. And more than 40 state attorneys general last month warned social media and online shopping platforms to crack down on sales of blank or fraudulently completed cards.

What’s prompting the warnings?

More places are requiring vaccination proof. People might be inclined to fake the cards. Legal consequences could be steep

Fakers could lose their job or be thrown off-campus and could endanger themselves and others. For both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, risks increase if more than one faker shows up.

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Source: CNN



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