NovaAlgoma Orders World’s Largest Methanol Dual-Fuel Cement Carrier


NovaAlgoma has ordered the world’s largest cement carrier, a 38,000 dwt vessel, from China’s Ningbo Xinle Shipbuilding group. The ship will also be the first methanol dual-fuel cement carrier, marking a significant advancement in green maritime technology.

Groundbreaking Green Features

The new cement carrier will be equipped with methanol dual-fuel engines, a first for the industry, and will incorporate several green technologies. These include cold-ironing capabilities for zero emissions at ports and hull air lubrication. The ship will also feature a waste heat recovery system on its main and auxiliary engines, generating 250 kW of electricity from exhaust gases.

Strategic Fleet Development

NovaAlgoma, a joint venture between Canada’s Algoma Central Corporation and Nova Marine Group, views this new vessel as a strategic asset to meet the anticipated increase in cement demand. The ship aligns with the group’s fleet development strategy, emphasizing sustainability and innovation.

Commitment to Sustainability

The CEO of Nova Marine Group highlighted that the vessel represents a milestone in the company’s efforts toward a green fleet. The adoption of advanced, environmentally friendly solutions showcases the company’s commitment to sustainability and pride in leading the way with trailblazing technologies.

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