NYK Demonstrates Cargo Hold Monitoring System Featuring IoT Sensors

Credit: Timelab Pro/Unsplash

Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK), NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers Ltd. (NBP), and MTI Co., Ltd. (MTI) completed a 35-day experiment using IoT sensors to measure the holds of dry bulk vessels, effectively confirming the effectiveness of the system in actual voyages.

Measuring the holds of dry bulk vessels

The quality of the hold environment during the voyage is an important factor in maintaining the quality of marine transport on dry bulk vessels.

At present, it is common for crew members to periodically enter the hold to visually check the condition of the cargo, but there are issues such as the risk of crew members overlooking abnormalities and the inability to enter the hold to conduct inspections during rough sea conditions.

Reducing the risk of damage to cargo

To solve these problems, technologies for monitoring the hold environment using equipment that requires wired communications and a power supply have been developed, but their use has been limited because they require construction work to be done on the ship and large investments.

The three companies have therefore developed a new system that does not require any construction work on the vessel. The new system is a comprehensive management system for reducing the risk of damage to cargo.

It features 24-hour remote monitoring and data collection of the holds of dry bulk vessels, analyses of past data, and visualization of cargo-damage risks based on predictions of future conditions.

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Source: NYK Line


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