NYK Group, Stolt Tankers, And ENEOS Ocean’s Chemical Ship Pool Venture


  • NYK Group, Stolt Tankers, and ENEOS Ocean have joined forces to launch a dynamic chemical ship pool venture in the Asia-Pacific region. 
  • With 13 versatile vessels equipped for diverse chemical transportation, this collaborative initiative aims to meet robust market demand while delivering top-tier transport services. Here are the details.

Insights from Company Representatives

NYK Executive Officer Yuji Nishijima
With an impressive track record spanning three decades in the chemical tanker sector, the company has cultivated a strong alliance with Stolt Tankers. Their longstanding trust-based relationship with ENEOS Ocean, primarily in crude oil tankers, prompted the company’s foray into the chemical tanker pool. Anticipating collaborative value creation, they eagerly embark on this venture alongside trusted partners, Stolt Tankers and ENEOS Ocean.

Stolt Tankers B.V. President Lucas Vos
Expressing satisfaction with the agreement, the representative highlighted its role in broadening Stolt Tankers’ regional footprint and forging new tonnage partnerships in Japan. Gratitude was extended to NYK and ENEOS Ocean for their commitment in realizing this collaboration and the confidence vested in Stolt Tankers.

Masahito Hirano

ENEOS Ocean Corporation Director, Executive Officer Masahito Hirano
The commencement of the pool operation alongside Stolt Tankers and NYK marks a significant stride in bolstering competitiveness within the chemical tanker market. The company expressed excitement about collaborating with these esteemed global leaders, aiming to deliver meticulous transportation services tailored to evolving customer demands while prioritizing operational safety. Emphasizing a commitment to addressing environmental concerns, they underscored their dedication to adapting to the dynamic business landscape.

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Source: NYK Line


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