NYK Line’s LGBTQ+ Initiatives in the Workplace Recognized


On November 10, NYK was given a bronze rating in the 2022 PRIDE Index, a recognition based on an evaluation of LGBTQ+ initiatives in the workplace, reads an official press release.


The PRIDE Index was initiated in 2016 by the nonprofit “work with Pride” (wwP) with the aim of creating a workplace where sexual minorities can work comfortably in Japan.

Companies are scored on five indicators — Policy, Representation, Inspiration, Development, and Engagement/Empowerment — and placed on a three-tiered scale of “Gold,” “Silver,” and “Bronze.” NYK received a bronze rating, as it did last year.

NYK has established a NYK Code of Conduct, which is a set of guidelines for correct behavior to be followed by directors and employees. The code embodies the Group’s corporate philosophy, and the NYK Business Credo, and reads, “We respect human rights and diverse cultures, and do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, nationality, age, origin, mental or physical disability, or illness.”

Bringing value to life

As part of this effort, NYK holds training sessions, including a VR experience for people in charge of human resources, welcomes LGBT organizations, provides diversity and inclusion training for new employees, offers educational activities through e-learning, provides an LGBT consultation service, and conducts anonymous surveys of employees.

The NYK Group has identified “human resources” as one of the key issues in its management strategy and is working to strengthen its workforce and organization.

The NYK Group will further promote diversity and inclusion to realize its corporate philosophy of “Bringing value to life.” by recognizing and respecting each person’s individuality and differences, aiming to create a work environment where diverse people can play an active role.

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Source: NYK Line