NYK, NOG Inks MoU for Crew Transfer Vessel Project


NYK and NOG  partners on for a crew transfer vessel (CSV) project linked to offshore wind power generation in Japan, reports Safety4Sea.

Offshore wind power generation project

NYK and Northern Offshore Group AB (NOG) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a crew transfer vessel (CSV) project linked to offshore wind power generation in Japan.

Specifically, the two companies will begin the joint project aiming to contribute to the success of offshore wind projects in Japan.

NYK highlighted in a statement

A CTV would fulfill the important role of transporting construction and maintenance crews to the offshore wind power plants

What is in the MoU?

Both companies will combine their expertise and knowledge for the project, with NOG contributing with its technical information and expertise, and NYK providing knowledge of operating vessels in Japan.

Moreover, NOS and NYK will discuss the optimized design, ownership, and operation of a CTV that so that crews can have safe access to wind power generation facilities off Japan even when sea conditions are harsh. In the future, the two companies will also discuss the possibility of collaborating in overseas businesses.

NYK’s other MoU

Similarly, NYK along with the European expert in the wind power, Van Oord inked a MoU in order to jointly own and operate offshore wind installation vessels under the Japanese flag. 

Specifically, both sides goal to begin operations using a jack up vessel in Japan until 2022, the earliest.

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Source: Safety4Sea


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