NYK’s Efforts to Introduce Ammonia as Marine Fuel


NYK recently participated in two conferences held as part of Tokyo GX Week* to talk about the possibility of a demand increase for ammonia as a marine fuel and to introduce the company’s efforts toward social implementation of fuel ammonia.

International Conference on Fuel Ammonia

The International Conference on Fuel Ammonia, organized by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Clean Fuel Ammonia Association (CFAA) , aims to strengthen the foundation for international public-private partnerships to build a stable and flexible market and supply chain for fuel ammonia, which would be effective in combating global warming. This second conference, following the conference in 2021, was held on September 28, and was attended by more than 20 governments, international organizations, research institutes, and private companies.

NYK was the only conference participant from the shipping industry. Toshi Nakamura, NYK executive officer, spoke at the “Session 3: Industry Session” and introduced the below points under the theme of “Decarbonization of Shipping with Ammonia as Marine Fuel.”

Innovation for Cool Earth Forum 

The Innovation for Cool Earth Forum (ICEF) is an international platform organized by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). The ICEF annual meeting has been held since 2014, and the ninth meeting was convened on October 5–6 in Tokyo with a total of 84 organizations participating. This conference brings together prominent experts from industry, government, and academia to engage in lively discussions with the aim of exploring innovation-based solutions to the urgent issue of climate change.

This was the first time for NYK to take part in this conference, and Tsutomu Yokoyama, general manager of the Green Business Group, made a speech titled “The Challenge of Achieving Net-Zero Emissions by 2050.” As Nakamura did at the Second International Conference on Fuel Ammonia, Yokoyama explained the progress of NYK’s projects utilizing the Green Innovation Fund, including receipt of the AiP for the AFAGC, a recent major step forward. 

In addition, NYK has launched its new “NYK GREEN EARTH” brand to emphasize NYK’s ESG efforts to create new value initiatives for low carbon and decarbonization through green businesses such as the development of next-generation fuels, including ammonia and hydrogen.

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Source: NYK


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