Ocean Infinity Joins Search for Bulker ‘Stellar Daisy’


The South Korean government along with Ocean Infinity has initiated the search for a bulker that sank in 2017.

What happened?

In March 2017, the bulker ‘Stellar Daisy’ was reported missing in the South Atlantic Ocean approximately 2500 nautical miles due east of Uruguay transporting iron ore from Brazil to China. There were 24 people onboard the vessel when the incident occurred.

Search operations initiated

The South Korean government has announced that Ocean Infinity will be working with them to locate the wreckage of the lost ship. The operations are expected to start in January 2019 and Ocean Infinity will deploy a fleet of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) simultaneously to search for the wreckage. Furthermore, upon locating the wreck there will be an extensive 3D imaging survey.

Challenging project

Oliver Plunkett, Ocean Infinity’s CEO, said: “For the sake of all involved we sincerely hope that we can find Stellar Daisy and be able to collect as much evidence about her loss as we can. As always with the deep-sea search, there can be no guarantee of success as neither the precise location nor the specific circumstances of her loss are known. We are grateful that the Government of South Korea awarded us the contract for this challenging project and affirmed Ocean Infinity’s position as the leading deep-sea search and recovery services provider in the world”.

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Source: SUBSEA


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