Oceata’s Game-Changing Routing Software Sets a New Course

Credit: Szelei Robert/Pexels

Oceata aims to introduce groundbreaking optimal routing software that has the potential to transform the sailing experience, particularly for competitive sailors and racing enthusiasts, as reported by PBO.

Voyaging routes and analysis

Nathan Mills, a maritime consultant and former captain, founded a company specializing in voyage routing and analysis. Their innovative approach combines AIS position data with real-time satellite weather information to determine the optimal route for a vessel. Factors such as wind speed, wind direction, wave height, swell wave height, swell direction, current rate, and current direction within a 1-kilometre radius of the boat’s position are taken into account. By utilizing granulated weather data, both current and historical, along with the boat’s speed information, the software calculates the fastest route rather than simply the shortest distance. This enables skippers to make informed decisions and navigate more efficiently.

New software 

Oceata, founded by Nathan Mills, specializes in analyzing vessel performance and capabilities in different meteorological conditions. Their software combines AIS position data with meteorological information sourced from various organizations such as the European Space Agency, Copernicus, NOAA, and NASA. This allows skippers to select specific data parameters to determine the best route and avoid adverse weather conditions. Initially focused on generating voyage performance reports for large ships, Oceata is now exploring opportunities in the recreational marine market, particularly for yacht races like the Vendée Globe. Additionally, they are developing an online digital deck logbook that automatically records a vessel’s positions and weather conditions via AIS. This logbook simplifies the recording process for skippers and provides valuable information for vessel owners, manufacturers, and potential buyers regarding performance in different conditions.

Modification for sailors 

Oceata is exploring the integration of their software with standard chart plotters, enabling real-time modification of waymarks for sailors. They aim to make their digital logbook and optimum voyage routing accessible on various devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, targeting availability for recreational sailors by the end of July. Oceata is considering offering its digital logbook, routing, and performance reports as a subscription service, with prices starting from £29.99 per month.


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Source: PBO


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