Offshore Supply Ship Catches Fire


Fire on offshore ship in Peterhead


Accident type

: Fire


: 17th September 2015 at around 2.50 a.m

Vessel involved

:  Fugro Symphony, Offshore Supply vessel
Location: Peterhead fishermen dock
Casualties : None.

The vessel was docked at Peterhead fishermen dock when a fire broke out at its supply generator room below deck.  There were 84 people on board the ship when the incident occurred.  Aberdeen Operations control was immediately alerted and the entire crew was evacuated and the fire was brought under control by deploying personnel and firefighting equipment from Peterhead, Maud and Ellon fire stations.  Nearly 35 firefighter worked for two hours on dousing the shooting flames.  This helped contain the fire to a small portion of the vessel.  Later, three firefighters wearing fireproof and anti-smoke breathing apparatus along with a crew member descended to the level below deck and located the source of the fire.  It was extinguished using CO2 extinguishers.  The ship’s internal firefighting equipment was also put to use to douse the fire.   Crew members returned to the vessel after it was declared safe to board.  A team from Fugro is investigating the root cause of the incident.

About the Ship:

2011 built “Fugro Symphony” has 11,324 DWT and is of 130.20 m length, has a moulded beam of 24.00 m and maximum draft of 7.90 m.  Its gross tonnage is 3,398 GRT. The ship is operated by Fugro Subsea Service Ltd.

Source: Vesseltracker