Oil Spill Contaminates River Rizal



Bunker oil was spilled into Teresa river on September 8th,2015 from a storage tank located at the Antipolo plant belonging to Solid Cement Corporation.  Strong winds and lashing rains caused the leak to reach the Kaynaog Creek leading to the Tagbak River.  Traces of the oil spill were detected on the banks of Morong River, which is the nearest tributary that leads into Lake Laguna, Philippines.

It is estimated that nearly 2000 liters of bunker oil have been spilled.  The cement company deployed three oil spill booms to contain the spill as well as to assess the spread in the affected area near Antipolo, Teresa and Morong, Rizal.  An investigation into the cause of the leak is currently underway.

The PCG and representatives from the Marine Environmental Protection, team took oil samples from spill sites and proceeded to the cement factory to cross check the samples.  An IAR report was issued to Solid Cement Corporation for the violation of “discharging of bunker oil” into the river.

Solid Cement Corporation reported that they had also dispatched their own environment, health and safety (EHS) and operations teams to assess and contain the oil leak at identified sites in Antipolo, Teresa and Morong, Rizal.

Chito Maniago, Solid Cement Communications Director, is quoted to have said, “The safety of the community and the environment remain as our priority. We assure everyone that we are on top of the situation to immediately resolve this incident.  Our investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of this leakage.  We will provide updates as soon as available.”

Source: CNN