Oil Spill Removal Underway After Tankers Collide Off Japanese Coast



Accident: Collision
Vessels Involved: Wako Maru No 2 and Sulphur Garland
Location: 10 nautical miles off Shimonoseki, Japan
Casualties: None
Pollution: 13000 litres oil spill

The two tankers (Wako Maru No 2 and Sulphur Garland) collided with each other about 10 nm off Shimonoseki, Japan.  Both the tankers have suffered damage after the collision.

The tanker Wako Maru No 2 is reported to have spilled the oil after a hole punched in the starboard side of the vessel.  Nearly 13,000 litres of oil has spilled into the waters.  The Japanese Coast Guard(JCG) along with ten patrol boats deployed containment boom around the vessel. JCG also administered oil dispersant to contain the oil spill expansion.

The investigation into the cause of the collision is underway while the tankers have been sent to shipyards for repairs.  The collision did not affect the marine traffic.

Heiwa Kaiun KK owns 3,394 dwt ship Wako Maru No 2 and Daiichi Tanker Co. Ltd owns the 4,695 dwt.

Source: Maritime Bulletin