Oil Tanker Catches Fire at Port



An oil tanker Bao Shan III reportedly caught fire when it was docked in Taichung port, Taiwan. The fire is reported to have started in pumps control room aboard the tanker.  The crew evacuated the burning compartment and activated the CO2 fire fighting system, the fire was extinguished within seconds.  The local authorities and shore firefighting teams poured water over the pump room area to prevent the tanks from catching the flames.

The cargo of jet fuel was safe from the fire and no pollution or leakage of fuel was reported by the crew.  The contents were offloaded from the oil tanker after a thorough inspection.  No crew members aboard the tanker were injured during the fire.

An investigation is underway to determine the root cause of the fire.  The vessel did not suffer any damages during the fire and was released to return to service.

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Source: Maritime Herald


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