Oil Tanker From Russia Docks at Derry Port


A tanker carrying oil from Russia arrived in Lough Foyle on the morning of 3rd March and docked in Foyle Port, outside Derry City, reports Derry News.

Ban for Russian flagged vessels

On Tuesday (March 1), the British Department for Transport announced the closure of ports to all Russian-owned, operated, controlled, chartered, registered or flagged vessels. However, the ban does not cover the origin of the cargo.

A spokesperson for Foyle Port said: Foyle Port is currently operating to the parameters of the sanctions set out by the Department for Transport in London.

It has been highlighted to the department, by the port, that the commodity on a ship is beyond the set sanctions.”

It is clear from the department that we are obliged to facilitate this vessel, which is not Russian owned, registered or managed.” 

Crude oil from Primorsk

The ship tracking website, Marine Traffic, gave the 184 metre-long Pluto as being in the Irish Sea on Wednesday afternoon, with the vessel expected in Foyle Port at 8.00pm.

It is believed, Pluto, is carrying crude oil from Primorsk, near St Petersburg, on the Baltic Sea, in northwestern Russia.

Commenting on the Pluto which has since docked at Foyle Port, Colum Eastwood MP (SDLP) said: “This vessel, which contains Russian goods cargo, is not welcome and should not be allowed to make land in Derry. It runs contrary to the spirit of the sanctions which have been introduced to bring pressure to bear on Putin’s regime to end the outrageous invasion of Ukraine.”

The people of Derry stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine who are enduring unimaginable suffering at the hands of Putin’s forces. I have been in touch with the Port to offer assistance through my office to ensure that the spirit of the sanctions are upheld and that the vessel is prevented from docking in Derry.”

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Source: Derry Now