Oil Tanker Stranded at Coast After Crash


On September 20, an oil tanker was reportedly stranded after it collided with a bulk carrier.

What happened?

An oil tanker ‘Seatrout’ and bulk carrier ‘Usolie’ reportedly collided with each other due to unknown reasons. The collision occurred in Westerschelde near Bath, Zeeland.

The oil tanker is currently remains stranded near the coast of Zeeland. This is the same location where container ship CSCL Jupiter got stuck last month. Dutch shipping traffic is unhindered.

Rescue vessel dispatched:

The local safety office Veiligheidsregio Zeeland has dispatched a number of tugboats and Rijkswaterstaat service vessels to the collision site. The vessels are monitoring the situation and waiting for the oil tanker be pulled out from the low tide.

The officials have ruled it out as a threat to the environment and are monitoring the situation closely to prevent any mishaps from occurring.

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Source: NL Times