[Watch] Omg My Stomach Went to My Throat Just Watching!!!


A video has captured the moment one very brave woman decided to perform a high dive from a terrifying height.

Sydney climbed to a 17 metre high platform to complete a series of flips and tumbles before plunging into the small pool below.

But the gymnast’s impressive technique and bravery has left other stomach’s churning.

Alongside a video of the terrifying dive she posted to Instagram, Sydney wrote: “Would you jump? Took this video of @cesiliecarlton diving from 17m onboard the #Harmony of the Seas.”

And people were quick to answer.

One of Sydney’s Instagram fans said: “Ah nope.  You’d have to push me.”

Another added: “Omg my stomach went to my throat just watching!!!  That’s just crazy!!!”

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Source: Daily Express


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