One Of A Kind ORCHESTRA To Hit The Market


• The revolutionary network launched by Inmarsat advances in connectivity, cloud-based solutions, predictive maintenance and fuel monitoring data.

• This will all boost passenger ship operations.

The article published in Riviera gives holistic views on the Unique ORCHESTRA launched by Inmarsat and how it turn out be a blessing for Cruise connectivity.

Booming Connectivity

Advances in connectivity will have a positive impact on cruise connectivity.

Inmarsat’s newly announced service Orchestra will have many benefits. Inmarsat senior vice president, safety and security Peter Broadhurst tells PST, In a traditional orchestra, the output is more than the sum of the individual components, which is what we are doing here.”

Inmarsat’s Orchestra offering includes adding a layer of 5G terrestrial hotspots and LEO satellites. It will continue its current roll out of satellites, with six more launches planned up to 2024 and is also expanding its L-band network. 

Broadhurst views 

Peter Broadhurst give a detailed information about the upcoming LEO Satellite and 5G terrestrial hotspots.

Mr Broadhurst comments, “All of this combined will give ubiquitous communications for any user. We manage the service and give them the service level to meet their expectations.”


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