Ongoing Lack Of C-Suite Diversity In Shipping


The shipping industry is making progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), according to the results of the 2022 Annual Review from the Diversity Study Group. This progress is most evident in junior and mid-level ranks, helping to build a more diverse talent pool of future leaders, but diverse representation remains far more limited at C-suite level.

This is the third annual report from the Diversity Study Group (DSG), a membership organisation dedicated to fostering a more diverse, equitable and inclusive shipping and maritime sector.

The report is based on the responses from over 3,000 participants from a wide range of corporate members, including shipowners, operators and managers, class societies and marine services firms. It covers every part of the globe and a wide spectrum of respondents, in age, seniority, nationality, professional background and other characteristics.

The report shows that there is still a significant lack of ethnic diversity and female representation in senior roles, although representation at lower-level roles is improving. C-suite and heads of department roles are predominantly held by white respondents, with roughly a quarter of roles headed by those identifying as Asian.

Encouragingly, the report shows progress with women starting to break through in greater numbers below the C-suite level, where 17.9% of this year’s respondents are women. Women comprise 23.8% of heads of department, an increase from just 12.3% last year. This year, 38.3% of those at the team leader level are women, up from 29% last year. Finally, female representation at the junior/trainee level remains high at 56.7% and at 48% at the mid-level position.

Heidi Heseltine, founder of the Diversity Study Group, said: “Whilst there is still a lack of diversity at the senior level, there are signs of a growing waiting room of more diverse talent below the C-suite. The onus is on employers is to provide the development support and opportunities that help them to fulfil their potential, in order to see real diversity in leadership positions.”

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