Online Bunker Platform for Productive Supply Chains


The fuel firm Gastankerrederij Anthony Veder has entered into a partnership with Bunker Connect for the purchase and management of bunker capacity in the ports in the ARA area (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp).

About Bunker Connect

The company Bunker Connect was established in 2016 with the aim of increasing transparency in the bunker market. Last year, the company was seen by PortXL as a promising start-up in the maritime sector. Bunker Connect offers an online platform where buyers of bunker facilities and suppliers of fuels can do business on a real-time basis.

Fuel marketing

The firm Anthony Veder aims to market their fuels with the help of the Bunker Connect platform.

Benne Engelen, Chief Information Officer of Anthony Veder said, “Digitization leads to better connected, more controllable and more productive supply chains The cooperation with Bunker Connect enables us to gradually develop and innovate our operations”.

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Source: Anthony Veder


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