Online Charters Escalate As Shipowners Find It Productive


  • COVID-19 nudged businesses practices more towards digital.
  • The slowdown accelerated quicker adoption of digital procedures — with vessel chartering is a good example.

According to an article published in WFMZ, Though COVID-19 did not immediately bring new technology in maritime, it nudged businesses practices more towards digital.

Traditional Processes

Traditionally, vessel chartering involves the long, drudging process of combing through high volume of shipbrokers’ offers. They typically work in tandem with ship and cargo owners and are confined within their network. Another drawback working with shipbrokers is the geographical limitations.

New Digital Platforms

Marine Online’s platform eliminates all geographical restrictions. Both ship and cargo owners can source for their cargo or vessels just by inputting their requirements online. The platform’s embedded A.I and Big Data enables quick take-ups; effectively speeding up chartering processes and voyages.

Marine Online Chartering Vice President’s Remarks

Kenny Phua, Vice President of Marine Online’s chartering department, remarked: “As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our industry; we keep it moving through technology and constantly advocating its efficacy. Understanding it may be a major move for traditional businesses, our team of experienced professionals is ready to take clients through every step. It is also part of our initiative to encourage digitalised chartering – proven to simplify processes accompanied with cost-savings, as observed from our previous successful transactions.”

Marine Online Platform User Review

A recent charter involved cargo owner, Cacao Paramount Sdn Bhd, who posted their consignment bound for East Asia on Marine Online’s platform. They received a matching vessel notification shortly after. Pleased with the seamless process, a representative from Cacao Paramount said, Marine Online’s platform made our vessel search efficient with their extensive listing of available vessels matching our specifications; widening our options.”

The shipowner agreed that sourcing for cargo is simpler with Marine Online’s platform. Shipowners just need to update available tonnage regularly to ensure accurate cargo matching. The platform also assures client authenticity – making Marine Online a safe platform for both ships and cargo owners for chartering needs.

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Source : WFMZ


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