Operational Impact of Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

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A.P. Moller – Maersk is continuing to keep a close eye on the developing situation in Turkey and Syria, following the recent earthquake that caused considerable damage to logistics infrastructure in the region.

As the Port of Iskenderun remains closed until further notice, our teams have been hard at work creating contingency plans for affected customers with cargo bound for the Port – hoping to minimise the impact of the circumstances on your supply chain.

This means we will unfortunately not be able to deliver cargo currently on the water bound for the Port of Iskenderun as its intended final destination. We will instead be holding containers in designated nearby ports and hubs for three weeks from today (Wednesday 8 February) at no extra cost while we plan next steps and final deliveries.

If you have cargo currently underway for the Port of Iskenderun, or containers gated-in full at the first loading port bound for Iskenderun, we can also trigger a Change of Destination (COD) arrangement to any other port in Turkey (TRMER, TRIZM, TRKOR, TRAMB) free of charge. This includes re-stowage, operational and admin fees. COD in this instance will be initiated by Maersk.

Should you wish to divert cargo to a port away from Turkey, COD admin fees will also be waived. However, customers will be liable for re-stowage and extra shifting costs, plus the ocean freight difference of the new destination. COD in this instance will be initiated by the customer moving away from Turkey.

If the final delivery decision will take longer than the assigned three-week window, then further options will need to be discussed. Please reach out to your customer service agent for more information and to better understand the contingencies.

Acceptance of COD is subject to operational feasibility and capacity constraints. Please head to our dedicated Turkey/Syria earthquake advisory page for full COD terms and further relief package details.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause your business but thank you for your trust and understanding during a very challenging time. Rest assured we will continue to do everything in our power and control to find solutions for our customers’ supply chains and keep them moving as efficiently as possible.

Our teams are here to serve you and help you through this time, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You can reach us on email for export queries at tr.export@maersk.com and import queries at tr.import@maersk.com.

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