Optiwise Launches $5.3m Wind Propulsion Project


MARIN has successfully initiated the project Optiwise, an EU funded research and innovation project aiming to improve and demonstrate energy savings using wind propulsion and hydrodynamic improvements in propulsion, reports MarineLink.

Solutions for energy savings

The EU call requested solutions for energy savings of at least 10% for single measures and 20% for combined measures. In response, the Optiwise consortium defined the following ambition:

The overall ambition is to develop and employ holistic design and control methods for ground-breaking new ship concepts utilizing wind propulsion while considering realistic operational scenarios.

With these methods, an average energy savings between 30% and 50% can be achieved, when compared to equivalent conventional ships while ensuring operational feasibility in a realistic wind climate.

Project objectives

The Optiwise project will pursue its objectives through close inspection of three operational use cases:

  • Bulk Carrier withANEMOI Rotor Sails
  • Tanker with AYRO OceanWings
  • Passenger Vessel with Chantiers de l’Atlantique Solid Sail

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Source: MarineLink


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