Orsted’s ECO EDISON: A Landmark in America’s Offshore Wind Energy Supply Chain


The christening of the ECO EDISON marks a significant milestone for America’s offshore wind energy supply chain. This vessel, the first American-built, crewed, and owned offshore wind service operations vessel, is a testament to the progress in domestic energy production and America’s energy independence.

Investment and Development

Ørsted’s investment in the ECO EDISON demonstrates the firm’s commitment to building a domestic offshore energy supply chain. Over 600 workers across ECO’s shipyards in Louisiana and Florida dedicated nearly one million work hours to build this vessel, showcasing Ørsted’s dedication to the American workforce.

Regional Impact and Job Creation

The Gulf Coast region, with its decades of experience in offshore industries, is playing a vital role in the offshore wind supply chain. Ørsted’s projects are creating jobs and driving economic development across dozens of states, with Gulf Coast firms like ECO contributing their expertise to the new energy sector.

Technological Advancements

The ECO EDISON features state-of-the-art technologies and components sourced from 34 states, highlighting the widespread impact of Ørsted’s projects on American manufacturing and domestic energy capabilities. The vessel’s advanced design focuses on passenger safety and comfort, with features like a motion-compensated gangway and a smaller craft for crew transfers, ensuring safe and efficient operations.


The ECO EDISON’s role as the first US-built service operations vessel for offshore wind farms signifies a new chapter in America’s energy landscape. With its advanced technology and American-made components, it is poised to support offshore wind energy for years to come, setting a high standard for future developments in the industry.

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Source: Marine Insight


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