Pacific Basin’s Leadership In Sustainable Shipping Practices


Pacific Basin, a prominent dry bulk shipping company, has recently taken a significant step towards energy efficiency and environmental sustainability by implementing a graphene-based propeller coating, XGIT-PROP, developed by Canadian company GIT Coatings. This proactive initiative aims to enhance vessel performance, reduce fuel consumption, and improve environmental ratings across the fleet.

Adoption of Sustainable Propeller Coating

Pacific Basin’s decision to adopt XGIT-PROP coating across its entire fleet signifies a strategic move towards sustainable practices in the maritime industry. The coating, known for its biocide-free composition and fuel efficiency benefits, demonstrates the company’s commitment to reducing environmental impact while optimizing operational efficiency.

Benefits and Innovations of XGIT-PROP

XGIT-PROP offers a durable solution to conventional propeller coatings, addressing issues such as edge damages and frequent recoating requirements. With its hard foul release technology, the coating ensures a smooth propeller surface throughout the drydocking cycle, leading to improved vessel performance and reduced fuel consumption. Additionally, the collaboration between Pacific Basin and GIT Coatings highlights the industry’s embrace of innovative solutions to drive sustainability.

Industry Leadership and Impact

Pacific Basin’s initiative marks the largest adoption of graphene-based propeller coating in the dry bulk segment, underscoring the company’s leadership in sustainability practices. This strategic move aligns with global efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and enhance environmental stewardship in maritime operations. By leveraging XGIT-PROP, Pacific Basin aims to achieve significant reductions in both environmental impact and operational expenses, setting a precedent for other shipping companies to follow suit.

Pacific Basin’s integration of XGIT-PROP coating reflects a broader trend within the shipping industry towards sustainability and efficiency. With a focus on reducing emissions, enhancing vessel performance, and adopting innovative solutions, the company sets a benchmark for responsible maritime practices, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for the sector.

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Source: Pacific Basin Shipping Limited