Palau Ship Registry is Expanding Operations in Asia



The Head Office of PISR is located in Houston,Texas and is the office of the Ship Registry Administrator.  PISR’s goal is to offer a fast, reliable, effective and efficient registration services to shipowners and at the same time provide technical advice in order to ensure that vessels registered under the Palau Flag are in good conditions and in accordance with the International Regulations.

In a recent press release, Palau Ship Registry announced their new move to increase their Asian Presence by opening new offices in Qingdao and Dalian, China, and Tainan, Taiwan.  They already have offices at Singapore, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Fuzhou-China.  The company aims to grow and strengthen its presence by reliable quality services and operations.

Julian Padilla, the Honorary Consul and Strategic adviser on ship registry to PISR is quoted to have said : “The organic growth experienced in just four years of operation is testament to the expertise of our staff in being able to deliver reliable, quality registration services to a growing customer base.  This growth is demonstrative of the deep understanding of the operational and technical complexities our global teams have in the maritime industry which allows us to offer owners a less complicated but exhaustive portfolio of ship registration services.”

The newly appointed Regional Head of Business Development ,Jai Acharya, is quoted to have said: ““Expansion in the most prominent ports in Asia will drive further growth.  The new offices and the appointment of executive officers with a demonstrable track record and experience in international shipping and registry procedures enhance the profile and capabilities of PISR, not only in the Far East but across the globe.  We have experienced a significant increase in the number of ships registered to the PISR fleet and believe expansion in the most prominent ports in Asia will drive further growth.”

Deputy Registrar of PISR, Lana Zhao is quoted to have said: “PISR’s expansion programme is indicative of the changing seascape and the growing number of Chinese shipowners now operating in the global market.  With the opening of these new offices, PISR now has a presence in all the major maritime hubs across the Asia-Pacific region capable of providing guidance on all aspects of ship registration, documentation and compliance.”

Regional Head of Business Development for mainland China and Taiwan,Kristina Xuan, is quoted to have said: “With China’s rise in both international finance and shipping, it makes sense for PISR to have a strong presence in the country.  Having a world class ship registry offering its services from five key locations in China makes sense for us and our customers.”  He further added: “Since the establishment of the registry in 2010 there has been a concerted drive to become a world class White List registry. With our industry expertise, efficient documentation, knowledgeable advice and quality of inspections across all vessels under the Palau flag, we can meet our objective of being a ‘clean’ flag in all aspects of vessel registration.  We are pushing ahead with expansion plans to cover the major global shipping markets.”

Tim Ho , formerly manager at DNV Taiwan and currently PISR’s technical adviser is quoted to have said: “Some of the world’s leading container carriers are based in Taiwan and the country’s shipbuilding sector is set to become the third largest supplier of container vessels in the 1000 to10, 000 TEU range, so to have an office here will be a considerable benefit to ship builders and shipowners alike.”

BIMCO has included PISR as member considering their reputation for complete, fast, and reliable registration.  They have extended PISR an invitation to speak at its 3rd International Ship Finance Summit, in Shanghai next month.



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