Panama Canal Increases Daily Slots At Panamax Locks


  • Panama Canal Authority has announced a new adjustment to accommodate the growing demand for transits.
  • Two additional slots will be offered through auction for transit dates beginning March 18, and an additional slot will become available for transit dates beginning March 25.

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has increased daily slot availability in the Panamax Locks to meet rising transit demand (Advisory to Shipping No. A-08-2024).

Two extra spaces will be auctioned off for transit days beginning 18 March, and an additional slot will become available for transit dates beginning 25 March.

Adjustment to accommodate the growing demand for transits

The Panama Canal reported that the Neopanamax vessel has a current period of seven days and that it would have another seven-day period between 18 – 25 March.

Moreover, ACP revealed that the Panamax vessel currently has 17 days, and will have 20 days between 18 – 25 March.

Overall, the current period is 24 and the duration between March dates is 27.

ACP noted that these steps increase the likelihood that the majority of vessels wishing to travel the Canal will be able to get reservations.

Canal specialists are reportedly monitoring the present water situation, and the measures outlined in the Advisory to Shipping will stay in force until conditions necessitate adjustments, which will be notified promptly.

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Source: Panama Canal Authority 


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