‘Panama Papers Jail’: A Prison Ship for Tax Avoiders?



Designers have come forth with plans for a giant prison ship for those named and shamed in the Panama Papers released more than a year ago. The concept work for the ship has been released and if the project sees the light of day then it will certainly be a unique one.

It seems like the designers of the concept work for the Panama Papers prison boat have been inspired from Tyrion Lannister’s cell from Game of Thrones. The giant ship will have the capacity to hold 3,300 prisoners in its paper sails well above sea level.

Dubbed as ‘Panama Papers Jail’ (PPJ), the giant ship will have open-air prison cells which will make up the boat’s giant sails. Each sail is 350-metres (1,148ft) long and 100-metres (328ft) high while every cell would be nine square metres (30 sq ft) in size.

Designers Axel de Stampa, Sylvain Macaux and Guillaume Devaux, from the Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville have worked on design plan of the ship.


“The prison is built on a cargo boat located in the international waters facing Panama City. Its design opposes two colossal prison ‘sails’, one for men and one for women,” they said.

One side of the sails would be dedicated to the men and will house them as prisoners while the other side will have female prisoners.

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Source: Samaa tv


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