Panamax Bulk Carrier Ran Aground in South China Sea



The Greek Panamax bulk carrier Lyric Poet ran aground in the South China Sea on 50 nautical miles off Pulau Belitung Island, Indonesia.

What happened?

The vessel was en route from Albany in Australia to Magong in Taiwan with ETA March 30 but stuck on the shallow in Indonesian waters.

The ship stuck hardly and the crew was not able to refloat her by own means.

Salvage operations underway:

The accident was reported to the local authorities and at the scene was sent towing tug, which should assist with refloating.

The salvage operation will be performed at high tide, but the authorities requested an underwater inspection before initiated towing of the ship to a safe depth.

The impact after grounding will be assessed after refloating of the troubled freighter.

Investigation underway:

The root cause of the accident is unknown and under investigation. The circumstances around the accident are not clear.

During the accident, there were no injured people and no reported water pollution.

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Source: Insurance Marine News


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