Paramedic Who Died Trying To Save His Girlfriend Awarded


Paramedic who jumped off a cruise ship and gave his life to try saving his girlfriend honored with a posthumous bravery award

The paramedic, Paul Rossington, 30, jumped into dark waters off the NSW coast after his 26-year-old girlfriend, Kristen Schroder, slipped from their balcony on the Carnival Spirit in May 2013.  The couple’s bodies were never found.  The Deputy State Coroner found that the fall would have killed else they might  have died within hours. Mr Rossington, 30, a paramedic, will be awarded a bravery award.

‘We are filled with pride that his final brave and selfless act, to help someone else, is being recognised with this posthumous Australian Bravery Award,’ Mrs Rossington said on behalf of her family.

‘This award places our son forever among a special group of heroes who made a deliberate choice to step from safety into danger to provide help to someone.’

NSW Ambulance commissioner Dominic Morgan said Rossington was a valued paramedic dedicated to helping those in need.

‘His bravery in his final moments is testament to his courage, care and dedication; traits which NSW Ambulance paramedics exemplify every day in their line of work,’ Mr Morgan said.

‘We congratulate Paul and his family on receiving this highly decorated and prestigious honour.’

Source: Daily Mail


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