Paratus – Release of a Documentary On Hurricane Katrina


A documentary on United States Guard’s response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, named Paratus 14:50, will be aired on August 26 and 30.

The story revolves around the rescue operations carried out by Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans and Coast Guard Aviation Training centre across Southern Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.  In the history of United States, it is the greatest single rescue contributed by men and women to pull more than 33,500 people from the affected areas.

The documentary team is led by Kaitlin Smith, a New Orleans Native and Daughter of an active duty Coast Guard along with a team of students and recent graduates from the University of Alabama.

Alabama Public Television recently aired the trailer of the documentary and will air the documentary on August 26 and 30.  Marking the 10th Anniversary of Katrina’s landfall the film will be shown in Mississippi, Louisiana and other Gulf Coast states on August 29th.


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