Parents of Missing Cruise Ship Nanny Fear Foul Play


The parents of a Disney cruise liner nanny who disappeared in 2011 say they are still searching for their daughter.

What happened?

Mike and Ann Coriam, from the UK, have been left hunting for answers for six years after 24-year-old Rebecca went missing while working on her second cruise ship, ‘Wonder’. They fear she may have met with foul play, although Disney concluded she had fallen overboard and the family have reportedly settled out of court with the entertainment giant.

Missing since 2011:

Rebecca was last seen on the first deck of the cruise ship looking distressed while talking on her mobile phone on the morning 24 March 2011. Her parents were informed she was missing the next morning.

Various theories flouted:

Friends working on the ship at the time speculated about what could have happened to the nanny. Some believe she may have ventured to deck five to take a break from the guests and slipped climbing up to wall, while others think she may have been sexually assaulted before being murdered.

Death ruled as “not suspicious”:

Forensics and travel experts along with private detectives have been critical of both Disney and the police’s investigation into Rebecca’s disappearance. Just one Bahamian police officer was assigned to the case, and a number of mistakes were allegedly made. The Bahamian authorities ruled her death “not suspicious”.

Inconsistencies found:

The Coriam’s MP, Chris Matheson also believes there are holes in the case.

“There has been a whole wealth of contradictory evidence”, he said. “I think a crime has been committed here and I want justice for my constituents.”

The British government has assured the family that it will push for a full review.

Dr Ross Klein, an expert in cruise travel, told the paper 200 people had disappeared from cruise ships since the millennium. The majority were drunken guests who fell overboard, he said, but the stats were worrying.

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Source: 9Honey


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