Partnership Funding Empowers SaferWaves In Seafarer Support


On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, The Seafarers’ Charity, UK P&I Club, and TK Foundation announce a collaborative commitment to provide three years of funding for the continued development of Safer Waves.

Established in 2020, Safer Waves is a maritime charity dedicated to supporting seafarers who have encountered sexual assault, sexual harassment, or gender discrimination, says an article published on uk pandi website.

Pioneering Support For Seafarers

Safer Waves plays a crucial role in addressing the pervasive issues of sexual violence and gender discrimination affecting seafarers globally. The commitment to three years of partnership funding reflects a shared determination to create a safer and more supportive environment for those who have experienced abuse within the maritime industry.

Operational Expansion And Resilience

The funding infusion is pivotal for Safer Waves as it transitions to the next phase of development. With the support of its first staff member, the charity aims to meet the growing demand for its support services. This initiative underscores the importance of stability in fostering operational resilience, enabling Safer Waves to expand its reach and provide essential assistance to more merchant seafarers facing abuse or harassment.

Addressing The Impact On Well-being And Careers

Sexual violence, harassment, and discrimination not only impact the physical and mental health of seafarers but also influence their family life and careers. Safer Waves steps in to provide information and support, alleviating the distress experienced by survivors. The increased awareness of the organization’s offerings has led to a rising demand for its services.

Collective Efforts To Protect Seafarers

The partnership, bringing together The Seafarers’ Charity, UK P&I Club, and TK Foundation, signifies a collective commitment to combatting violence against seafarers. While celebrating the collaboration, there is acknowledgment of the ongoing need for such services, emphasizing the long journey ahead to safeguard all seafarers, irrespective of gender, from sexual violence, harassment, and discrimination at sea.

Continuing Support For Safer Waves’ Mission

The Seafarers’ Charity expresses its delight in supporting Safer Waves, recognizing the importance of the organization’s work in addressing critical issues within the maritime industry. UK P&I Club echoes its commitment to supporting Safer Waves’ overall development, emphasizing the importance of sustained efforts in creating a safer and more inclusive maritime environment.

As Safer Waves embarks on this new phase with dedicated support, the collaboration signals a collective stride towards ensuring the well-being and protection of seafarers in the face of pervasive challenges.

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Source: uk pandi