Passenger Ships Involved in Collision Again


On August 13, a couple of ro-ro passenger ships collided with each other. This is the second incident involving the collision the same ro-ro passenger vessels.

What happened?

On the morning of August 13, a ro-ro passenger ship ‘European Express’ collided with another ro-ro vessel ‘Aqua Jewel’ which was docked next to it.

Both vessel suffer damages:

The vessel ‘European Express’ broke away from its mooring and collide with the docked ‘Aqua Jewel’ vessel. The incident occurred at Perama Ship Repair Yard, where the vessels were docked for repairs due to a previous collision involving the same ships.

During the collision both the vessels suffered extensive damages. After inspection it was revealed that there were no leaks present on both the vessels.

Similar incident:

The same ships were involved in collision on August 1, when the passenger ro-ro ship ‘European Express’ broke away from its mooring and hit the starboard side of the same ‘Aqua Jewel’ ship. It also hit another vessel which remains unidentified.

During the incident, the ‘Aqua Jewel’ suffered serious damages and is undergoing repairs when this second collision occurred.

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Source: Maritime Bulletin


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