Pavilion Energy And DNV Together Develops ‘FuelBoss’


  • Singapore’s Pavilion Energy and DNV have jointly developed a fit-for-purpose LNG bunkering digital solution for employment in the Singapore port.
  • The project elevates Pavilion’s commitment to championing the digital transformation of the LNG bunkering in the Singapore port.

Pavilion and DNV to digitise LNG bunkering in Singapore, reports LNG Prime.

Pavilion Energy and DNV

Singapore’s LNG player Pavilion Energy, a unit of Temasek, and DNV have jointly developed a tailored digital bunkering platform ‘FuelBoss’ to meet local requirements.

DNV commenced FuelBoss in early 2021 and has achieved over 400 bunkering operations through the platform. It has Ahead of our LNG bunkering vessel entering into operation early next year, Pavilion Energy has dedicated our attention to ensuring the marine bunkering processes are managed as efficiently; and as transparent and trustworthy as possible,” Pavilion’s CEO Alan Heng said in the statement. to more than 20 different customers with its bunker suppliers.

Singapore’s Sembcorp Marine had recently launched MOL’s LNG bunkering vessel chartered by Pavilion, Brassavola.

Key points 

This project heightens Pavilion’s obligation to advocate the digital adaptation of LNG bunkering in the Singapore port.

DNV claimed that FuelBoss would enhance process integrity, data clarity, and operational efficiency for customers. This comprises digital indexes and electronic bunker delivery note developments.

This joint project comes on the back of a cooperation agreement that Pavilion and DNV signed in 2021 to digitise LNG bunkering in Singapore.

Following delivery, Pavilion will share the 12,000-cbm vessel with TotalEnergies Marine Fuels, a unit of French energy giant TotalEnergies.

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Source: LNG Prime


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