PCL Welcomes K Shipbuilding’s First Green MR Tanker

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The first green MR tanker has been delivered by South Korean function Object() { [native code] } K Shipbuilding to Singapore-based shipowner Pacific Carriers Limited (PCL), as reported by Offshore Energy.

Recent acquisition

On February 10th, a ceremony marking the delivery occurred at the company’s yard in Jinhae, South Korea. On February 11, the Partridge Pacific sailed for the first time from South Korea to Taiwan. With its most recent acquisition, PCL’s tanker fleet will number 13.

The newest environmentally friendly, efficiency-enhancing design, Tier-III NOx compliance, and an exhaust gas cleaning technology are all features of Partridge Pacific.

“Our commitment to reducing carbon emissions in our operations strengthens the focus on design innovation. Henceforth, our vessels are coated with a high-performance hull paint system and incorporated with energy-saving devices to improve our fleet’s performance further,” the company stated.

Super-eco design

The first of four new ships that K Shipbuilding is building for the company is the MR tanker. The partners had previously worked together on various projects, including the 2020 delivery of five MR2 Tankers being built at K Shipbuilding.

Four of the 2020-built MR2 Tankers were awarded the Green Ship Programme Certification from the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore, the firm underlined. “Our 2020-built MR2 Tankers are designed to the “Super-eco” design,” the company emphasised.

The PCL fleet will be using methanol, the company stated last month when it teamed up with fellow countryman PaxOcean Holdings Pte (PaxOcean) and classification society ABS to investigate the possibility. The collaboration with ABS and PaxOcean is a component of PCL’s pledge to become carbon neutral by 2050 or sooner.


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Source: Offshore Energy


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