Peel Ports Subsidiary Unveils New Green Vessels


BG Freight Line, a Peel Ports Group subsidiary, has announced four new green ships to assist clients decrease carbon emissions, reports Port Technology International.

About the new ships

The new ships will feature cutting-edge scrubbers to capture CO2 and sulfur particles, as well as greater cargo capacity, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint per container.

According to Peel Ports Group, they are also prepared to handle methanol, allowing them to run on this sustainable fuel source when it becomes more widely accessible at ports.

The vessels – named BG Green, BG Blue, BG Red, and BG Orange – are 170 meters long and can transport up to 1,380 containers, 300 more than the earlier ships in BG Freight Line’s fleet.

The new ships of BG Freight Line, which is part of the Peel Ports Group, the UK’s second biggest port operator, aim to help the Group achieve its goal of being net-zero by 2040.

With the ships covering the container route between Liverpool and Rotterdam, BG Green is the first in action, having made its first trip from the Port of Liverpool on 27 April, with the other vessels scheduled to enter service later this year.

Claudio Veritiero – Chief Executive Officer at Peel Ports Group, said: “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Peel Ports Group and we are delighted to welcome these new ships, which are showing how green the maritime logistics sector can be.

“The innovation behind their design represents the future of sustainability in shipping, and we are proud to be a part of this. Shipping has always been the most sustainable and effective way to transport goods, but now with BG Freight Line’s new ships, it will be even more so.”

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Source: Port Technology International