Peninsula To Begin To Biofuel Bunker Supply

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Peninsula said it is commencing the supply of biofuels at its hub ports in the Strait of Gibraltar, after having recently received its International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) in respect of physical supply operations in Gibraltar, Algeciras and nearby ports, says an article published on Manifoldtimes.

Lower carbon emissions

The ISCC permits the supply of biofuels from feedstocks that have fully traceable, sustainable and GHG reducing supply chains.

This enables Peninsula to directly support customers seeking drop-in biofuel solutions to help lower their carbon emissions.

Decarbonise shipping

“This is another important milestone on our decarbonisation journey. I’m very proud of the hard work and planning that is enabling the successful integration of biofuels into our physical supply platform,” said John A. Bassadone, CEO and Founder of Peninsula.

“We have always strived to deliver market-leading operations alongside quality products and it was vital that we could maintain these high standards with our biofuels offering. We’re also excited to be offering this solution to those customers seeking to lower their carbon footprint, as part of the wider push to decarbonise shipping.”

Suitable certifications

Peninsula’s future strategy is to offer bio products in all physical locations where sufficient customer demand exists, it states.

The group will continue to work closely with the ISCC, relying on its product framework, to ensure that suitable certifications and expertise are available to continue servicing Peninsula’s global customer base.

The firm is also at the advanced stages of adding additional key biofuels supply locations to its roster.

Multi-product journey

“Peninsula recognises an increased complexity in the marine fuel mix and is tailoring its strategy to meet this multi-product journey. The utilisation of modern, efficient tonnage with a low carbon footprint is a key element to that effect,” it shared.

Marine fuel decarbonisation

“Continued investment in asset renewal is taking place with several newbuild tankers being welcomed to the fleet through 2023 and beyond.

“A good example of this strategy is Peninsula’s new 12,500m3 Levante LNG bunker vessel, which will be arriving in the Strait of Gibraltar this summer, highlighting the company’s commitment to marine fuel decarbonisation.”

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Source: Manifoldtimes


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