People Living With Diabetes Increases By Two-thirds In UK


PLD – People Living With Diabetes – Increases By Two-Thirds In UK


Disease-free life is a wealth by itself goes an oriental proverb.  Diabetes UK, a charitable organization announced that the number of people living with Diabetes had risen by about 60% from 2.1 million in 2005 to 3.3 million now.  While the cause for type 1 is not known, the type 2 is clearly due to diet and obesity. Nearly 90% of the PLD are type 2 diabetics.

The popular myth that diabetes is harmless has to be dispelled for untreated diabetes can lead to blindness, amputation (about 135 a week, in UK) and neuropathy, a nagging ache and burning sensation especially in the legs for which there is no cure other than strict diet control.

Apart from medical complications, diabetes causes a huge dent in the purse of the patient and a drain in GP. Patients spend about £869m on drugs, including insulin and metformin. This is an increase from the £514m being spent a decade ago. It amounts to 10% of national health service being spent on medicine.

A change in lifestyle and reduction of waistline alone can save UK from huge expenditure on medicine and cost of reducing avoidable complications.

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