People Will Ditch Their Cellphones By 2030 Claims Nokia CEO


The smartphone has become increasingly significant in people’s lives in recent years. In reality, many people are unable to disconnect from their smartphones for more than an hour as reported by Giz China.

6G Networks 

They are useful for both work and entertainment.

 He said this because 6G will officially go commercial in 2030. 

In the current 5G era, smartphones are still the most important device for accessing 5G networks. 

Pekka Lundmark believes that the situation will be different after the commercial use of 6G networks.

Access to the Internet, and even implanted chips and electronic devices in the human body.

However, Pekka Lundmark did not specify what these electronic products that can make people put down their mobile phones look like.

In 2030, the technical requirements of 6G networks will also change a lot.

It will require massive computing power, and at the same time, the network speed will be faster.

Nokia changes its name 

A recent event on Nokia’s Weibo account sparked a lot of discussions. The official Weibo username for the corporation, “Nokia Mobile,” has undergone various alterations. The company’s Weibo account name was changed to “Hemingdi Technology Co., Ltd.” for a while. This sparked a flurry of suspicion that the corporation was experiencing another sales slump. Hemingdi Technology Co., Ltd. is also HMD Global, according to later confirmation. Nokia Mobile is currently managed by HMD Global, the firm’s parent company.

After two days, however, the Nokia Mobile official Weibo account was renamed “Nokia Mobile Phone.” Nokia gained mysteriously in popularity as a result of this wave of operations, despite the fact that it did not send any mobile phones or have any important news. For a decade, the company has licenced Nokia’s phone and tablet brands, having been founded by numerous former managers.

Withdrawal from flagship market

In recent years, Nokia has not been doing well in the smartphone market.

On March 8, Adam Ferguson, head of product marketing at HMD Global, admitted in an interview that the company has withdrawn from the competition for flagship phones. 

The company did not quit the flagship market without attempts to return to the high-end market.

This is a low-end model, equipped with a UNISOC T606 processor.

In addition to the release of the new machine, last month, the Nokia PureBook Pro notebook was also released.

It can be seen that in the smartphone and notebook market, Nokia has not completely given up.

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Source: Giz China


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