‘Permanent Magnet’ Makes Propulsion Technology Different


Proven ABB technologies which deliver significant improvements in bulk carrier propulsion efficiency are rising to the challenges set by escalating fuel prices and IMO regulation under the EEXI scheme.

A new application of a proven technologies is set to achieve remarkable efficiency gains in bulk carrier performance, in a development which calls for a re-evaluation of ship propulsion options, reports Dry Cargo International.

IMO2030 regulations

International Maritime Organization goals envisage cutting carbon emissions from ships by at least 40% by 2030, with ships also needing to join an EEXI (Energy Efficiency of an Existing Ship Index) and provide CII (Carbon Intensity Index) calculations from 2023. Alongside soaring marine fuel prices, the new regime is making owners receptive to innovation where energy saving is concerned, but few are willing to be ship propulsion pioneers.

Now, a fresh approach from ABB that combines two technologies already acknowledged in maritime circles for the efficiencies they deliver is reviving consideration of shaft generator systems as an impactful and practical replacement for conventional shaft line technology, in a solution fit for EEXI 2023 and beyond.

ABB shaft generator systems

ABB shaft generator systems with permanent magnets at their core will be a key feature of the propulsion trains driving twelve 210,000dwt bulk carriers owned by the Bermuda-based Himalaya Shipping when they enter service from 2023 onwards. Built at New Times Shipbuilding in Jiangsu, China, the Capesize vessels will also include low voltage drives and transformers from ABB.

Shaft generator systems are acknowledged as offering the potential to cut ship fuel costs by 15–16% when compared to conventional shaft line technology because the set up allows ship operators greater flexibility to change engine loads when underway without starting up auxiliary engines. However, to date, higher upfront costs have proved insurmountable.

ABB says an extra 4% gain that can be squeezed out of the set up by factoring in its latest ACS880 single drive systems in combination with permanent magnets has decisively moves the goalposts.

The Himalaya Shipping order for a shaft generator application has been a true market breakthrough.

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Source: Dry Cargo International


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