PetroChina’s Milestone: First Bonded Bunkering Operation In Hainan


PetroChina recently achieved a significant milestone by completing its first bonded bunkering operation at Macun Port, Hainan. This operation marks a pivotal step in Hainan’s development as a prominent hub for bonded oil bunkering.

Expansion of Bonded Bunkering Business

Completing PetroChina’s bunkering operation signifies the expanding landscape of bonded bunkering services in Hainan. With the issuance of local licences, including PetroChina’s, the region is witnessing increased participation from key industry players, enhancing its global competitiveness.

Regulatory Framework and Government Support

Implementing the “Interim Measures for the Management and Administration of Bonded Oil for Ships in Hainan Free Trade Port” by the People’s Government of Hainan Province underscores the regulatory support and conducive environment for bonded bunkering activities. Such initiatives promote transparency, efficiency, and compliance within the bunkering sector.

Growth Trajectory and Economic Impact

The statistics reveal a promising growth trajectory in bonded fuel bunkering in the Yangpu district, with notable year-on-year increases in both bunkering volume and the number of serviced ships. This growth not only highlights the rising demand for bonded bunkering services but also signals positive economic implications for the region, including job creation and infrastructure development.

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Source: Manifold Times