Petronas Signs Up for Ship-to-Ship LNG Transfer


To facilitate ship-to-ship LNG transfer, Petronas LNG Ltd has signed a two year service agreement with Argo Engineering and Eastport Marine.

Argo has vast experience in LNG shipping operations supported by a network of experienced technical personnel in the LNG shipping industry. Whereas, Eastport has expertise in handling bunkering and ship-to-ship operations, in addition to possessing the sole license to provide LNG bunkering and ship-to-ship services at Brunei Bay, Labuan.

Petronas, with over 30 years of experience in integrated global LNG business, has a sterling reputation as a reliable LNG solution provider and supplier.

Flexible for cargo delivery:

Ship-to-ship transfer will facilitate greater flexibility in cargo delivery for small vessel that need LNG. This transfer is initiated by positioning vessel alongside each other.

Ahmad Adly Alias, PLL chairman said, “This ship-to-ship transfer service agreement is Petronas’ first collaboration in providing flexible delivery solutions that goes beyond the conventional selling and delivering of LNG. LNG ship-to-ship transfer services is an emerging trend to cater to the needs of small scale LNG requirements”.

Incorporate market requirements:

The partnership between Argo and Eastport’s shipping expertise with Petronas’ LNG will create a strong portfolio which will enable new features to be incorporated to handle various requirements concerning LNG.

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Source: NST


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