PG Develops Harsh Environment Tank Cleaning Unit


PG has despatched the first MultiVac to meet DNV GL’s new standard Certification 2.7-2 to a vessel built for Canadian operations.


PG Flow Systems has despatched the first of its new MultiVac modules for tank cleaning and bulk powder removal on offshore support vessels (OSVs).  It has been sent to a new building project for a vessel designed to operate offshore eastern Canada.  It is the first offshore vacuum unit that conforms to DNV GL’s new standard Certification 2.7-2 for offshore service modules.

Certification 2.7-2 was introduced in February 2016 to set standards for a range of safety measures.   It provides greater protection for the equipment and also the offshore environment in which it will operate.  Equipment that meets the standard will be rated for operations on deck in ice-prone areas and other harsh conditions.

For PG to meet these requirements, it upgraded aspects of existing equipment design to develop a new MultiVac range.  The updates included lockable doors that have fire-resistant seals when closed and an integral gas detector.  The doors and louvres have an ingress protection rating of IP56, which means the equipment is protected from dust and water.  The MultiVac module has sufficient protection to stop dust from interfering with internal operations, so a powerful water jet against the enclosure from any direction has no harmful effects on the equipment inside.

PG said the improved MultiVac also has a portable fire extinguisher system, an externally accessible fuel shut-off valve and is power-safe in the event of a failure.  The MultiVac range has a maximum pump pressure of 810 mbar and can handle up to 3,856 m³/hr of water. “Our equipment is ideal for the harsh conditions of the offshore Canadian waters in which this unit will operate,” PG said.

The vacuum unit can be used for material and waste removal in tanks and drainage systems on vessels.  It can remove viscous and dense materials in confined spaces and transfer chemicals, fuel and other fluids.  MultiVac can also be used for bulk powder removal, tank descaling and desanding, transferring waste off vessels and removing hydrocarbon heavy waste from vents.  The offshore vacuum units can utilise positive displacement or liquid ring technologies to provide vacuum performance.

PG is delivering multiple systems including a liquid cargo-handling module and pumps for an offshore construction support vessel that Vard Langsten is outfitting for a Canadian subsea vessel operator.  It is also delivering freshwater generators, ballast water treatment systems, emergency and utility pumps.  Deliveries to the VARD 3 08 design vessel started in the third quarter of 2016 and were expected to finish before the end of this year.

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Source: PG Flow Solutions


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