Pioneering Energy Transition: ABS Supports SHI’s Ammonia Carrier


ABS Approval

ABS awarded approval in principle (AIP) to Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (SHI) for designing a midship section and cargo tank for a 96K gigantic ammonia carrier. Representatives from both companies met at Posidonia 2024 for the AIP presentation.

Among the largest in the world, the ammonia carrier design results from a joint development project that included the production of a 3D structural cargo hold model from SHI for review by ABS.

ABS completed structural analysis and design reviews based on class and statutory requirements.

Supporting the Energy Transition

“The utilization of ammonia is anticipated to increase as industries move toward more sustainable energy sources, and shipping will have a critical role to play. By working with innovative clients like SHI on new carrier designs, ABS is playing an important part in the energy transition by supporting the safe and efficient transport of ammonia at sea,” said Vassilios Kroustallis, ABS’s Senior Vice President of global Business Development.

“The development of the ammonia carrier is a significant step towards realizing our vision for a sustainable future. We will continue to pursue innovation to accelerate the advent of a carbon-free era and set the standard for future energy transportation,” said Haeki Jang, Executive Vice President and CTO of Samsung Heavy Industries.

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Source: ABS