Pioneering Precision In Maritime Decision-Making


In the dynamic and margin-driven shipping industry, making timely and informed decisions is paramount for maximizing profitability. Klaveness, a leader in the field, has responded to industry challenges with the development of Market Manager, a groundbreaking platform aimed at revolutionizing decision-making processes for shipowners and charterers.

Pre-Vetting Module: Streamlining Decision-Making

The Pre-Vetting module of Market Manager provides a comprehensive commercial analysis of vessels in just minutes, replacing outdated comparison methods. By distilling relevant insights and stripping away redundant data, Klaveness enables customers to make informed decisions efficiently and accurately.

Freight Optimizer Module: Data-Driven Strategy

The Freight Optimizer module acts as an unbiased consultant, leveraging machine learning algorithms to identify cost-effective market opportunities. By analyzing historical data and market trends, it offers reliable predictions, empowering users to navigate market fluctuations strategically and optimize freight costs.

Port Optimization Module: Enhancing Decision-Making Power

Market Manager’s upcoming port optimization module aims to provide cargo owners with deeper insights by integrating data on vessel performance and port turnaround times. Combined with Pre-Vetting and Freight Optimizer, this full suite will offer unprecedented decision-making power to charterers, ultimately advancing the standard of shipping industry-wide.

In summary, Klaveness’s Market Manager platform represents a significant leap forward in the shipping industry, offering innovative solutions to complex challenges and empowering stakeholders to work smarter, not harder.

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Source: Torvald Klaveness