Pirates Chase Car Carrier off Nigeria


Pirates chased and attacked a car carrier off the coast of Nigeria early last week.


Pirates in two speed boats chased and fired upon a vehicle carrier underway.  Master raised the alarm and SSAS, mustered all crew and activated the water hoses.  After three hours the pirates abandon the chase . The master of the ship alerted his crew by raising alarm and had planned a water attack on the pirates.  The crew activated the water hoses and fought for over three hours.

The vessel was around 37 nautical miles southwest of Bayelsa, Nigeria at the time of the incident.  One crew member is reported to be injured during the attack.  This is the first incident reported in the region this year.

The International Maritime Bureau’s Piracy Reporting Center reports 49 piracy incidents in the Gulf of Guinea region in 2015, a 29 percent decrease on 2014, according to annual report by Dryad Maritime.  At least 37 crew were kidnapped in the region in 2015.

Source: ICC