Pirates Have A New Weapon – They Hack Ship’s Computers First


Cybercrime is on the rise and we have brought to light a real life case where a CEO was scammed more than a million dollars.  Here comes one more news where pirates have a new weapon to hijack or steal from your ship.

And Yes!

They hack your ship’s computer first!

Pirates hacked information from a global shipping company’s servers to target and capture cargo ships on the high seas.


A global shipping company formed a RISK team earlier to assess cargo loss and piracy.  The team after several months of analysis have reported that armed pirates hacked information from servers to know the exact location of cargoes.

The shipping company hired verizon’s VZ, +1.44% security team to investigate the issue.  The security team reported that pirates are able to loot cargo more quickly and make away with most valuable crates.

These pirates carry guns and are additionally armed with bill of lading information pilfered via a web-borne attack on the company’s content management system (CMS).  The pirates would storm the ship, corral the crew and locate specific cargo containers by searching for specific bar codes and steal the contents.  Then they’d disembark and move on to their next target ship.

The team has also discovered that initially these pirates had uploaded a malicious web shell to the shipping company’s CMS server, which manages shipping inventory and bills of lading for its ships.  While this granted the access to confidential information, the pirates or the hackers download essential data from the CMS servers or upload malicious codes such that the servers crash.  The details of valuable cargo with container locations are ready in hand for the pirates to look for when they board a ship.  Verizon is now working on identifying the servers that are hacked.  Would there be any relief from such cybercrime and make sea safe for ships?

Source: Market Watch


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